Monthly Archives: December, 2010

Random Thoughts

Is 2 weeks a long time?  I suppose it depends on the context.  2 weeks at Disney.  2 weeks of working late.  2 weeks of papers that have to be graded.  2 weeks of getting up early in the morning to exercise.  2 weeks can go by in a wink or they can drag out …

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Chalk and Target

I noticed several things today. Every Target I have seen has been a Super Target.  Not that that is a problem.  It’s just something I have noticed.  Targets also seem to be a lot more plentiful here.  Which is either a good thing or a bad thing.  It depends on who you are asking.  Me….good …

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Chalking it up

I wanted to start a blog to share my experiences teaching, learning, and surviving in my new surroundings…1,025 miles away from everything I know. I imagine it will take some getting used to.  I’m not used to seeing icicles hanging off the back of cars from where the snow melted.  I’m not used to making …

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