Monthly Archives: September, 2012

A Fresh Week

I can still recall the excitement that I felt when my supervising teacher handed me the lesson plan book for the first time 20 years ago. The weeks that had passed were filled out with all of the crazy arrows, notes, things added in, things crossed out….but, the new week was blank and pristine and …

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Does Thinking Hurt Their Heads?

I was recently introduced to Thinking at Every Desk by Dr. Derek Cabrera and Dr. Laura Colosi.  When I say, recently…I mean REALLY recently.  You know…as in the day before yesterday.  The theory behind this movement is that we MUST teach thinking skills in classrooms across America in addition to the content curriculum in order …

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Flipping Math On Its Head

This year I decided to turn my math instruction upside down by “flipping” my 5th grade class and it is by far the best thing I have ever done for students.   Flipping refers to the relatively new practice of delivering instruction outside of class time through the use of videos and using class time for …

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