A Fresh Week

I can still recall the excitement that I felt when my supervising teacher handed me the lesson plan book for the first time 20 years ago. The weeks that had passed were filled out with all of the crazy arrows, notes, things added in, things crossed out….but, the new week was blank and pristine and beautiful. A blank week with endless possibilities. I remember sitting down with my sharp pencil and realizing that I held the power of the world in my hands. I was going to decide what those students were going to learn and how they were going to learn it. Such power. Oh, how I loved filling those first weeks.

After a while, I realized that those weeks never went the way they were supposed to according to my beautiful plans. The plans that were color-coded by ability, by learning style, by level of Blooms. (I’ve done it all) I learned that the teachable moments must be seized and that students may learn something faster than I anticipated and often times slower than I hoped. I learned that lesson plans are not a blueprint.

They are a guide. They are a wish list. They are the best case scenario.

That being said…a fresh week is still a good thing. It is even better if you remember to be flexible and expect the unexpected.

Have a great fresh week.

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