Obviously I haven’t written in a while.  Real life tends to get in the way. 

Flipping my 5th grade classroom is still going well in the classroom.  It has been an amazing experience and one that I am so glad that I tried.  I do have to admit in a bit of a negative fashion that it takes a lot of time and that I am not sure that the positive effects in my classroom outweigh the negative impacts at home.  We are a busy family that does a lot of running around…with kids that sometimes play more than one sport in a season.   I believe that I will be switching grade levels next year which will mean starting from scratch.  I think I am going to give myself permission to back off just a little bit.  Will I still flip?  Yes….but it might not look the same in my grade level.  

BYOD?  Never happened.  My principal was too concerned with the equity issue. 

I have spent time experimenting with Mybigcampus.com this year and I have to admit that I am a fan.  I hope to continue using it in my new grade level.  

I just realized how discombobulated this blog is.  I just found out that I have diabetes and obviously my mind is elsewhere.  


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  1. Do tell more about mybigcampus.com! I’d love to hear more!

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