Cyber Stupidity (A must read if you have a Pre-Teen or Teen)

Are you aware that there are countless websites that allow your teen to create a profile where anyone…really ANYONE…can ask your child or tell your child anything they want anonymously?  ANONYMOUSLY.  Now, if you are reading this you are most likely an educator or a parent and you are well aware that teenagers can not always be trusted to make good decisions.  Some of you even know to blame the amygdala in particular.  

At first it starts out innocently….they beg their followers on instagram or Facebook  to ask them questions or tell them how they feel about them honestly.  There are often questions and statements like:

  • What’s your favorite color?
  • Who do you like?
  • OMG.  You are SO pretty.  I’m jealous.  
  • You are like the very best friend ever and I am so glad we got to hang. 

Seems pretty harmless, right?  IT is…until someone posts something like this:

  • You think you’re so great but nobody really likes you.  They just hang out with you because you have a pool. 
  • Your hair looks like crap.  (ummm….they used the real bad word)
  • You are the fattest cheerleader on the whole team. People make fun of the way your thighs jiggle.  
  • Your boyfriend only likes you because you…..(I’ll let your mind finish the statement…but believe me when I say that it made ME blush and is worse than you can possibly imagine)

I know this for a fact because I am a good parent who stalks her child.  (One of our deals…I have full stalking rights) Don’t get me wrong….Brooke doesn’t have one and will never have one.  But, she has a couple of friends that are a year or two older that have them….and I have been appalled every single time I click on a child’s account and read what their peers have to say.  

I don’t care how thick your skin is…this has got to get to you.  I would never want anyone to tell me what they think of me honestly.  Believe me I know….I asked my husband the other day if my hair looked goofy.  Turns out…it did.  The point is this….yes…these children are being cyber bullied…but, they are being”Cyber-Stupid.” They will not stop being “Cyber-Stupid” on their own.  They need you to intervene and make rules and stalk them if you need to.  They need you to take charge of their digital footprint.  

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